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Jessica's Secret

The application Jessica's Secret, which established a global comprehensive price monitoring system, can provide users with real-time price information, price comparison, and promotions info for popular shopping malls all over the world. It also provides deals and help travelers to spend less during their travel.

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Outbound traveling shopping service APP with 3.2 million users.

The daily active users reached 30,000, while the monthly active users were up to 300,000.

   Six Incredible Features   

Help visitors enjoy the benefits of global shopping.

Product Price Comparison

Help visitors compare prices in duty-free shops and malls in
more than 60 countries and regions around the world,
which contains the prices of beauty, luxury, jewelry, electronic products, etc.

Exchange Rate Comparison

Calculate the exchange rate and compare the price spread among Alipay, UnionPay and WeChat, which are the main payment
platforms for Chinese tourists.


Instead of searching by product names or brand names,
scan the QR code on products with the APP
and quickly get price comparison information.

The Cheapest Purchase

Show tourists where and when they can buy a product
with the best price all around the world according to big data.

How Good is the Offer

The same item may be sold in different prices in different countries or shops.
Jessica can show tourists a price range bar of one product
in different locations to help shoppers make a smarter decision.

Coupons and Deals

We collect thousands of coupons and deals from global major
duty-free shops and shopping malls while making them available through our app.